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Deluxe hot tub

Deluxe hot tub

SKU: 364215376135191
2 130,00 €Price

Termopuiduga Premium Comfort Deluxe €1775+km 
Plastiklaudisega Premium Comfort Deluxe €1850 + km.

Termokate €180 + km

Inside color
Wood color
  • Description


    Premium hot tub with integrated oven

    NEW! Now available with thermal wood exterior!

    The Deluxe hot tub has already been purchased by 1000+ customers! The hot tub board with integrated oven is made of recycled plastic (ECO, green product), which is laminated with laminates of different colors. This has the advantage of low maintenance and weather resistance, which ensures faster and worry-free use. The bath and bath cover are made of fiberglass. The hot tub also has 2 child seats. 

    • Interior + cover is available in four colors (white, blue, brown and gray)
    • Long lifespan
    • Easy to maintain
    • Laminated boards are available in different colors (Winchester, Anteak)

    High quality marine aluminum oven

    The two-chamber integrated hot tub oven we offer is made of high-quality marine aluminum. Advantages of aluminum oven:

    • Better thermal conductivity, which saves a lot of time and fuel. The oven can be heated with up to 50 cm of wood. The oven has a glass door and an ashtray. The diameter of the chimneys is 150 mm.
    • The thermal conductivity of aluminum is about 15 times better than the thermal conductivity of stainless steel. The time required for heating the barrel and the consumption of firewood is about 30% less in the case of an aluminum stove.
    • Aluminum ovens have a longer lifespan than stainless steel ovens. The thickness of the material used is 3 mm, which is twice as much as in conventional stainless steel furnaces. However, the aluminum oven is 30% lighter.
    • The aluminum furnaces we offer keep their shape for a long time.
    • High quality MIG welding ensures a correct visual appearance. All welds have been inspected and tested for leaks.


    What does the price include?

    Fiberglass bath and bath cover, laminated plastic exterior, integrated oven, 2m chimney pipe, 1m chimney grille, stairs.

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