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Turnkey houses in 3 days

✔ no construction work - ready-made modular house or sauna from the factory
✔ complete interior and exterior decoration
✔ modern scandinavian style and installation anywhere
✔ easy choice - seven most thought-out models in three trim levels and with terraces


How are ready-made houses used by EestiHouse?

A ready-made modular house saves one of the most important resources - time. Plus, due to the low cost, it makes it possible to quickly move out of town or open a profitable business in the field of suburban recreation.



House for rent


Taking into account the constantly growing demand for recreation outside the city, you can try yourself in a new role - a rentier. You can install a modular house on your (large) plot or on the second inherited one. Due to the fact that the house is small, big noisy companies will not rent it. The main guests of such a house will be couples or small families. Renting out a home can be a pleasant monthly income.



Home office + guest house

Nowadays, many work tasks can be solved remotely. It is not always possible to create a comfortable workspace in an existing home, and a detached home with all the conditions can be an excellent option for creating a calm workspace. On weekends, the house can be used for recreation of visiting relatives or friends.



A summer house

If you own a garden plot, you know that you can not only do gardening, but also relax in the open air. In a comfortable modular house, you will be as comfortable as in a city apartment. We will produce, deliver, and install everything in the shortest possible time. All you have to do is to have a great time with your family and friends.



House at the time of construction of the main


The main house can be built for 1-2 years, and you want to spend time outside the city on weekends right now. A modular house is an excellent solution, later it can be left as a guest house or sold (it can be easily disassembled).



Houses for permanent residence

Nowadays, you do not have to wait for a long time to make the dream of owning your own home come true. You can live in a modular house all year round. It is insulated, which allows you to maintain comfortable temperature inside, and it is equipped with all the amenities: it has a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower cabin and separate bedrooms. This is a good option for permanent housing of high quality and sufficient area for small money.



O2 Camping.jpg
Серия М20 -01_Exterior_04.jpg
L1-002Т_Photo - 1.jpg
PNG image 7.png
Model T....jpg
IMAGE 2020-11-16 16:14:26.jpg
Итало 2-01_9.jpg
Растущий 01_3 - Clear day side view.jpg
Трап 03_1 - Rainy sunset.jpg
001 2.JPG
Screenshot 2022-05-29 at 09.54.36.png
IMG_9943 2.JPG
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