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  • Dry planed wooden frame, treated with a refractory material

  • 2. Energy efficient spray-free insulation with a thermal conductivity of 0.030-0.032 W / (m · K)

  • OSB frame and FSF plywood structural outer and inner lining

  • PVC roof waterproofing

  • Exterior high-tech wall covering: - FSF plywood, painted Teknos paint

  • Interior finishing of walls and ceilings - Scandinavian style FC plywood with protective coating

  • Floor covering - Egger wear-resistant laminate

  • Complete electrical wiring for electrical networks, sockets and switches

  • Ceiling and wall lamps, terrace lighting

  • Ventilation valves in the walls

  •  Double-glazed windows in the color of the finish, with energy-saving ClimaGusrdSolar coating

  •  Insulated entrance door in the color of the finish, with energy-saving glass

Why choose EestiHouse houses?

Since 2011, our team's specialists have been engaged in construction. Over the years, we have collected a collection of knowledge, experiences and solutions that we use in our houses. A modular house allows you to avoid many mistakes that occur on a regular construction site and unpredictable budget growth. Below are our main answers to the why question.


Lack of construction on the site

Ready-made modules arrive at the site, and are joined on a ready-made pile-screw foundation or a simple concrete platform.


Factory production

Making the frame of the house, laying communications, finishing outside and inside takes place in a warm production environment, which makes it possible not to depend on the weather and avoid all negative consequences from, for example, rain. Just because there is no rain in the workshop :)



For us, design is on a par with technology in importance. A modular house shouldn't look like a change house. Even small houses can be of an interesting shape and with non-trivial facades.



Planning small spaces is sometimes more difficult, but more interesting. In a limited number of square meters, you need to fit everything that a person needs for a comfortable life, while not filling the space. We took into account every centimeter in the house and filled it with meaning.


Panoramic glazing

Large windows "let nature into the house" and continue our concept, in which "We must fit into the landscape, and not reshape nature for us."


With full finishing and communications

Decorating and laying communications is the most time-consuming and resource-intensive work in any home. Real production "on a turnkey basis" in the factory allows you to save time and immediately understand the budget of "the whole event".


Used in winter and summer

All our houses are insulated, and, depending on the configuration, they can be used both seasonally and all year round.


Non-capital and transported

Modular houses are not capital construction objects, so they can be installed in places where conventional construction is prohibited or complicated: coastal zone, rental land, etc. In the future, houses can be disassembled and transported to another location.


Standard Dimensional delivery/shipping

All modules are made according to standard transport dimensions, so transportation is possible without additional permits, at any distance and for a reasonable price.



We are confident in the quality of our houses, which is why we give a 5-year warranty for constructions and 1 year for finishes and hidden defects. 

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