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- Igorek, go to Radishchevo to the cops for the car. We're going to the city. I'm tired of this long weekend.

— Aha! - he answered and, going around the table, bent down and frolicked: - Woof! Natasha shied away

I accompanied Igor to the door and locked it behind him. When I'm not in form, it is best to be careful.

Back in the kitchen, I suggested:

- Can you get out? Clean up before mommy's visit. Igorek put the pistol on the table before leaving. I took it and

I thought: is it necessary?

Natasha at that time appeared from the other side of the table, obediently took the cups in her hands, but somehow froze strangely. I raised my eyes to her. She looked at me and put the cups back on the table. What are the maneuvers?



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